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(WOP) Women Of Purpose:



God's Temple of Praise Community Church "Women of Purpose" Women's Ministry seeks to enlighten women of purpose to deepen their relationship with God, invigorate their prayer lives and to reach out to the homeless, sheltered and widowed. We strive to encourage women to develop a passionate relationship with Christ and to advance the kingdom of God through service within and beyond their inner circles.

God has created you from a “One of a Kind Design” and prepared you unlike any other. We strive to drive women of purpose to the feet of Jesus as they balance their every day lives in being committed to fulfilling God’s will.

•   “Get Away With God”
    So that he may reveal himself to you and guide you to your purpose

•   “Know Your Worth” 
    Understand that you are valuable to God. He has a special task for you that only you can fulfill.

•   “Walk In Your Purpose“
    Realize you have an assignment of divine purpose. Learn how to see yourself in the eyes of God.

•   Recognize Your Gifts”
    Evaluate yourselves and recognize your strengths and gifts.

•  “Pray for Direction”
   Learn how to enter into worship and gain a sense of spiritual direction

The Women of Purpose Ministry meets every 1st Saturday of the month at 11:00am. Every other month we partner with other ministries to do outreach and community service.For more information, lesson topics or location, please give us a call at (832) 477-0032 or email us at womenofpurpose@godstempleofpraise.com

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