(WOP) Women Of Purpose

God's Temple of Praise Community Church "Women of Purpose" Women's Ministry seeks to enlighten women of purpose to deepen their relationship with God, invigorate their prayer lives and to reach out to the homeless, sheltered and widowed. We strive to encourage women to develop a passionate relationship with Christ and to advance the kingdom of God through service within and beyond their inner circles.


(BOB) Band Of Brothers Men’s Ministry

The (BOB) Men's Ministry provides growth and fellowship opportunities to empower the men to grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and with man. We strive to cultivate and reproduce true men of the word in becoming men of power, men of presence, and men of purity who are determined to function in the authority of Jesus Christ. 



(W4C) Warriors 4 Christ Teen and Young Adult Ministry

We are youth on fire for God. Learning, exercising and studying  to use the gifts and talents that God has bestowed upon each of us. We are determined to Wage War against the attacks of the enemy. We will take back everything that Satan has taken from us. So that we can walk free and prosper in the fullness of God's glory.


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